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Dark Truth You Didn't Know About Catholic Popes

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The Catholic church is the biggest church in the world and had been in existence since the first century. They've had good and bad Pontiffs a like. The church has had many scandals involving priests and s@xual abuse of young boys. This has decreased the reputation of the church greatly.

Below are facts about various popes that are actually true:

1. Pope Boniface III (1294 - 1303)

He was a renown pedophile and adultery in Rome. He even declared that having intimacy with young boys was no more sin than rubbing one's hands.

2. Pope Innocent VIII (1482 - 84)

He had many illegitimate children with different women. He even asked a nurse at his death bed to bring him milk fresh from the breast.

3. Alexander VI (1492 - 1503)

He is the Pope who presided over more orgies than masses. He even invited 50 prostitute dancers to strip in front of his feasting family.

4. Pope Julius II 1503 - 1513

He commissioned the painting of the Sistine Chapel and is the first Pope to contact Syphilis. His body was full of syphilitic sores that there was no part of the body left to be kissed.

5. Pope Benedict IX (1032 - 1048)

He always had affairs with small boys and even had a monestary full of boys for himself.

6. Sixtus IV (1471 - 1484)

He funded the Sistine chapel. He had illegitimate sons even with his sister and collected church tax from prostitutes, bishops and priests who kept mistresses. Homosexuality was rampant in the church in his time.

7. Sergius III (904 - 911)

He murdered his predecessor to rise to power. He had children with prostitutes in the Vatican and had a bad reputation with cardinals.

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