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Secret Societies That Runs The World

The Knight of Malta

It is also called the order of Malta and it is a catholic religious order that is traditionally of military, Chivalric and noble nature.

This society does not have any territory and the order is a sovereign entity of international law and maintain diplomatic relationship with many countries and there members are spread across the world and are based out of Vatican. This society has ties to business, banking, politics and the CIA. The society organizes and provides humanitarian aid to various countries that are in need.

Club De Berne

This is an intelligence agency that has 27 states of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland in it. Other participant of this organization includes Israel, USA and Australia Asio and the Canadian Csis. Most people have never heard of this group because media is pretty much silent about it. Their meeting discussion is also much disclosed and it remains a biggest secret.

Skull and bones

It is the most Elite secret society from the US and also known as brotherhood of death. It is traced back to 1832 when it was formed at Yale University and students are still members of this secret group. It host some of the most powerful and influencial people of the world. The current members of this group are not known but it is believed that all members are male.

The Bohemian Grove

Located in Sonoma County, California, this is a very secretive group that was founded in 1872 through regular meetings of journalists, artists and musicians. Today its members are locals as well as global ranging from artists and musicians to businessmen. It is believed that this group did occult rituals at the grove.

Le Cercle

This is a British American Group with very secretive less known people including spies and politicians who discuss political and arms deals.

Burlington Club

This is an all- men private dining club for the student of University of Oxford.

The members of this group are wealthy businessmen, grand banquets, and occasional vandalism of restaurant and student' s room. Member are like the former Prime minister of Britain, Cameron and Boris Johnson

Chatham House

It is also known as the royal institute of international affairs and its headquarters is situated in London.

It is believed that the group aims to provide authoritative commentary on the world events and global challenges. What goes behind closed doors is unknown as no one is allowed in except members. This group is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and Rockefeller foundations.

Trilateral Commission

This is a non- governmental nonpartisan discussion group founded by David Rockefeller in 1973.

Many says that the group is a bit similar to the Bilderberg group and make many political and business decisions and members of this organization are not elected instead they are chosen by the chairman and executive committee. Some of its notable members are Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Their agendas are always disclosed.