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See The Number Of Executive Orders Biden As Signed So Far

Joe Biden is the new president and the 46th president of the United States, he defeated Donald Trump in the general election, it was a loud turn for the whole world as former president Trump gathered enough oppositions during his tenure and then he was really voted out by many people. Some believed Biden will bring a change to the government of the united states, and so someone did an analysis of how former US presidents performed according to the executives they signed, today we will be taking about it on this article.

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann tweeted the executive order track records of former president' s during their first few weeks of taking office.

After just days in office, President Joe Biden has now signed at least 30 executive orders.

One order includes a mask mandate on federal property, sending a straightforward message that the administration' s immediate focus is stopping coronavirus spread.

" President Bush, Bush 43, signed 290 during his eight years. President Obama signed 276. President Trump 4 years signed 217" Said by a former political consultant who did the analysis.

Griscom says if coronavirus was non- existent, the president' s number of executive orders would likely be cut in half.

It is believed that the issue of covid- 19 made Biden to have been able to sign orders fast been that most of the orders are in the pandemic, during Biden manifestos and campaign for president, he made several promises on how his government will eradicate covid- 19, he also had to make some sentence about the Donald Trump' s adminstration stating that they had no plan for covid- 19 but he has, so should we just believe that this is it.

here is a video to watch.